Hurricane Preparedness 2021

Aug 5, 2021


Create an emergency plan.

Following a record breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, the 2021 hurricane season is expected to be “above-normal,” according to predictions. Please see below for how to prepare:


Secure your home:

•  Trim trees to remove weak branches and ones tangled in power lines.
•  Install hurricane-proof doors and windows.
•  Install storm shutters to windows.
•  Have a plan for outdoor furniture, potted plants, and toys etc. – Store them in a safe space.

Prepare an on-the-go emergency Kit:

•  Nonperishable food
•  Bottled water
•. Flashlights
•. Extra batteries
•. Portable radio
•  First-aid supplies
•  Prescription medication
•. Pet food
•. Cash
•. Blankets
•. Phone chargers
•. Basic hygiene items
•. Baby supplies (diapers, powdered formula, jars of food etc.)


Important Documents to keep safe:

•. Birth certificates
•. Marriage certificates
•. Social Security cards
•. Military service records
•. Insurance policies
•. Tax statements
•. Health records
•. Financial records

Make sure you have a safe space for the older folks as well.

For more info go to:

If you sustain any damage during a storm All Boro can help you restore your home and make you feel safe.

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