Four Reasons to Paint Your Exterior

Many business owners, Facility Managers and Property Managers wonder when the best time of year is to schedule painting projects. Painting can be done at nearly any time during the year (during the right conditions), spring is arguably the best time of year to take care of outdoor projects; interior projects could be done year-round.

  1. Recover quickly from winter damage – the harsh winter weather takes a toll on your building’s exterior. Scheduling an exterior painting project in the spring is a good way to get your property cleaned up right away and protected from the elements. 
  1. Exterior painting is best done before other outdoor projects – if you have landscaping or gardening work around the building, why not get the painting done first so that you don’t have to worry about working around exterior design.
  1. Moderate temperatures allow for ideal curing – the mild spring temperatures are in the optimal range for proper curing of exterior paints. Exterior painting should be done in temperatures over 50 degrees Farenheit, but before it gets too hot.
  1. Showing off your home for the summer seasing, washing away the winter mid and mildew and getting a fresh paint job is the perfect way to get your business looking sharp.

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