Hanukkah Fire Prevention

Nov 24, 2021

If you and your family celebrate Hanukkah, this will involve lighting the menorah. But in all the

holiday fun, it’s easy to forget that having an open flame in your home is always cause for

greater safety measures. Here are some tips for a safer holiday.


1. Place your menorah on a sturdy, non-flammable surface. Your menorah, especially when lit, should rest on a stable fixture in your home, so no one can knock it over easily.

2. Never leave a lit menorah unattended. With everyone around and all the chaos sometimes you can forget about it. Be mindful not to leave your menorah lit when not in your home.

3. Don’t walk around with lit candles. Choose an area where your menorah will be lit. don’t carry your menorah from room to room to avoid potentially dropping it.

4. Stay in the kitchen–don’t leave cooking food unattended.

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