Fire Safety As You Go Through Winter

Jan 6, 2022

Fire and safety from glebchik, iStock

1. Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from heaters.

2. Have a three-foot “kid-free zone” around open fires and space heaters.

3. Never use your oven to heat your home.

4. Always use the right kind of fuel for fuel burning space heaters.

5. Place smoke alarms on every level of your home, including inside and outside bedrooms. Test smoke alarms at least once a month.

6. Have a qualified professional clean and inspect your chimney and vents every year.

7. Use flashlights in the dark, not candles if the lights go out.

8. During the holidays keep all Christmas trees watered and healthy and away from any open flame.

9. Beware not to overheat your plugs, keep minimal things plugged in at once.

10. Be sure to have a working fire extinguisher and always have an escape plan in place incase a fire does happen.

As always don’t forget to check on your elder family and neighbors.





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