Commercial Snow Removal

Oct 14, 2021

A fresh snowfall can be a beautiful sight, but for a business owner, it requires immediate action. 

When a storm hits, sidewalks and parking lots must be made safe for employees, customers, and suppliers as soon as possible. By having early snow removal, you are not only reducing the risk of slips and injuries — for which you could be held liable — it also shows that you are still open for business.

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to plan so that your business can continue to operate safely in the event of a snowfall. 

Calcium Chloride:

This ice melt is one of the most effective and can melt ice and snow as low as negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a pricier option, but you do not have to use a large amount for the ice melt to be effective. It comes in several forms, including flaked, powdered, and pelleted

Our company offers snow removal plans so that you can rest assured that, when a snowstorm hits, your property will be cleared in an efficient and timely fashion. Contact our friendly office staff to learn more about our services and custom snow maintenance plans.

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