All•Boro Offers Remediation Services During Emergency Situations

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Tropical storms, they certainly pack a punch!  Thankfully All Boro is always on the ready…to help in any way we can!  And so our story begins during Tropical Storm Isaias….

Our emergency line rang as Tropical Storm Isaias raged on.  Due to high winds an extremely large tree fell and landed on a home in East Meadow.  The tree, which had a root range of approximately 15 feet, penetrated through the roof in 5 separate areas.  In 2 of those areas the tree snapped the roof rafters causing significant damage to the roof and one of the perimeter walls.  In addition, the tree took down the main powerlines and spread them across the side of the home…arcing and almost causing a fire!

All Boro came in to assess the damages…and was hired.

We brought in a licensed electrician to perform the necessary services in reconnecting the powerline to the home to restore power. Tarping of the house to prevent further water damage occurred next followed by our tree removal unit removing the tree from the roof, cutting and grinding it up.  This grinding debris was used to backfill the approximately 10-15 ft hole that the up-ended tree left.  Once fully removed we were able to tarp the backside of the home to protect it until the insurance carrier was able to come to assess the damages.

Our work continued.  We removed all of their personal contents and packed them in a nearby storage container.  Air scrubbers were set up due to the customers compromised health issues; something they greatly appreciated.  This helped to keep the air clean during all services rendered.  Remediation services then commenced of all affected areas. Once completed we brought in an expert in structural damage to assess the damage and provide the information to the insurance carrier and customer as to the proper approach in the reconstruction of the home.

Negotiations with the insurance company have finally been completed, and we will shortly be starting the full reconstruction of the home.  What will the result be?  A new roof, new vinyl siding on the entire house, new kitchen, basement and bath.  Our customers are looking forward to the next chapter in their life in their new dream house.  What started out as a tragedy, is ending up as a new beginning…we were happy we could be a part of that!

Tropical Storm Isaias: Emergency Pictures

Local Law 31 of 2020

Local Law 31 of 2020

Law 31, instated in 2004, required that “building owners follow and retain evidence that safe work practices were used for all repair work.