Tips For A Mold Free Home

Mold growth is a serious matter. Mold can even disrupt the air quality in your home. When an area of your home is contaminated with mold, the situation can worsen quickly. When mold is present, not only can it be harmful to the surface it is on, but to the people near it as well. If your home items are affected by mold, you will probably wonder what you should keep and what to throw away. The answer is that there will be certain items you are better off throwing away after they are affected by mold. We can give you some tips here. 

Items to Toss:

  • Anything made out of paper:  books, paper, cardboard etc. 
  • Absorbent material such as: carpet, padding, stuffed animals, etc. 
  • Food: Any food or snacks contaminated or exposed to mold should not be kept at all.
  • Keeping these items could bring mold back or lead to a persisting issue. 

Items to Keep:

  • Solid Items:  Items made of metal or glass.
  • Apparel: It is not uncommon for fabric to absorb mold. Once you notice mold on your clothing and have it professionally cleaned.
  • Electronic items and appliances: Electronic items and appliances can withstand mold presence. Clean off any mold on your electronic devices as soon as possible. 

The most common places mold will grow inside a home during the winter are bathrooms and basements.

Basements are susceptible to leaks throughout the winter.

Air circulation is often poor in basements and that also leads to mold growth.  

Mold growth can be preventable if you have a fan in your bathroom.

During every shower, make sure you get in the habit of turning your bathroom fan on.

After you finish showering, leave the fan on for about 15 more minutes. 

Bathrooms are prone to water on the walls or floors, wiping down spots of water when you see them is imperative. 

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