You never think you will ever need to evacuate your home. When an emergency hits you might not have enough time to gather everything and prepare your home. It is very important to start preparing before an emergency hits and there are some things you can do to prepare yourself! Evacuations are happening more often in the U.S then some people realize, just look at California with the wild fires and all the devastating hurricanes! Here are some steps that you can do now to get yourself prepared before an evacuation occurs.

1. Make copies of important papers and keep copies with you (in a waterproof case).
2. Have a grab and go kit prepared ahead of time (food, water and first aid supplies).
3. Clear your yard (Maintain the trees and shrubs so no property damage can occur).
4. Stockpile materials.
5. Understand how to properly shut off the utilities in your home.
6. If you are in a flood prone area have sandbags on hand or the materials to make them.
7. Protect the windows by installing shutters or boards if necessary.
Now that you are prepared your home, your family and yourself lets discuss when is the proper time to evacuate? Before you pick up everything and go, there are a few things to prepare before you leave.
1. Clear your yard (If it not nailed down, or hangs on trees make sure they are inside).
2. Shut off the water, gas and electric therefore no damage can come from it.
3. Lock up your home (this is to protect looters).
It is critical to evacuate before things get worse when it comes to disasters, but there is no need to panic if you are prepared. Make sure to stay prepared by receiving emergency alerts this can help you and your family stay safe.

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