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Here are some of the before, during and after photographs of our projects!


Residential Staircase Project During & After









Before, During and After Construction on a house



112    120
121    122

094    103


Fire in NYC

026    027

032    033

044    046

050    070

094    102

img_1081    img_1106



Emergency Oil Spill & Cleanup Process

img_3753    img_3766

img_3778      img_3820


during-2    during-4      during-6      during-8

Before, During & After Construction on a clients home

during-4    during-2


img_0035      img_0034

finished-basement-5      finished-basement-9

Hording House Before  & After

xIMG_3211 (1)      IMG_53021


img_3217-1                         img_3218-1

Hording House Before & After

img_52931    img_53031

20160825_103753_1472139914879_resized    20160825_104000_1472139893599_resized

Vent Cleaning Before & After

IMG_3161 (2)      IMG_3163 (1)

Vent Cleaning Before & After

IMG_3152 (1)      IMG_3155 (1)

Sidewalk Violation Before & After

20160216_095725_1472064716152_resized    20160609_094855_1472064712310_resized


Habitat For Humanity Fire Place Before & After

20160216_095355_resized_1    20160510_161728_resized