Mell Goldman, Owner of All Boro

All Boro®  was formed almost two decades ago, by Mell Goldman.  Mell had the goal and dream to build a thriving business that provided a secure living for his family, offered great opportunities to employees and future employees, and provided great services to his clients and community at large.  With a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and hard work,  (two ingredient most start up cannot exist without), Mell made every day count.

From inception,  All Boro® was not the One Source, rather it first started in one or two specific industries – providing office cleaning to the medical profession.  Over the years as time went on, we expanded the variety of services we offered. As we saw the increased needs and opportunities, we learned new skills, refined and perfected them.  We found that our clients who may have a need for flood remediation didn’t just need to resolve the issue of mold and removal of debris, they needed to rebuild.

The beauty of All Boro® is that we can provide you with the various services, while dealing with one reliable company who is dedicated to all the phases of work required.