The humidity and uncertain weather comes with Summer time! It is also the time people look for a new home or upgrade and repair their current home!!
Some facts about Mold and what it can do to your family and your home:
1. There is a potential to have health effects and symptoms such as allergic reactions, respiratory issues and asthma.
2.Mold can be found wherever water or moisture is: walls, caprets, basments attics and more!
3. After water damage has occurred, mold can begin growing in as quickly as two days.
4. Mold can occur even on cold surfaces that has condensation, refrigerators/freezers, air conditioning units

MAKE SURE TO: Hire a licensed tester & remediation team to check out the mold in your home to keep everyone and everything safe!
All Boro is that team for you and your family!! We are a professional mold remediation company. Our team is professionally trained and licensed in proper mold removal techniques. We have been helping clients relax and enjoy their home for 20 years!!
We are your One Source for Restoration, Remediation and Construction. Call us 24/7 and we will ALWAYS be there for you!!

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