Fire Diaster

Fire is a disaster that many people face especially during holiday times. It is important to ensure that you, your family and home are safe these holidays.
Even though we love to hang lights, decorate trees and light candles, these all can become hazards if not taken care of. It is important for lights to be hung properly (i.e. outdoor lights only used outdoors). When putting up the lights make sure none of the bulbs are broken or cracked. Make sure to never leave your lights, decorations or holiday décor on overnight. When picking out the perfect tree take a look at the whole tree make sure the needles are intact, there is a fresh cut on the trunk and its watered. Did you know that “Candle fires are four times more likely to occur during the winter holidays according to the American Red Cross, US Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association.
Smoke alarms are very important to, make sure your smoke alarms are changed every few years and are all working properly! This little device can save lives and be the one thing that saves yours and your family this holiday season!
Be safe this holiday season and be prepared! If you do have a fire give All Boro a call 516-942-3016. We are 24 hours a day even on holidays!